The Circle of One

Circle of One BookAre you tired of repeating the same patterns in all of your relationships?

Worn out by the clashes with partners, parents and colleagues?

Are you ready to find out what’s going on in those relationships and how to make them work?

Then the Circle of One is for you.

This book is about what happens when we get out of our heads and into our hearts; when we stop lying to ourselves and others. It’s about the recognition that in the end, it’s all about you; who you are being, how you are being, and how, if at all, you are living your truth.

It’s about what can happen when we decide that we want our relationships to change, and that we’re ready to be at the centre of that change. It’s about how we can start living consciously in the Circle of One.

The Circle of One is a personal development tool that will help you to observe, interpret and understand the dynamics of all relationships in your life; then it will show you what to do about them.


Here’s what readers are saying…

“Eye opener!”

“Very thought provoking”

“Simple yet profound”

“This book definitely makes you think……”

“It truly is healing”

“Good for newbies. If you are ready to start dealing with stuff then this book is an excellent starting point”

“Particularly useful in exploring difficulties in connecting with others especially where there is conflict and tension”

“The…challenge of this book is that you are courageous in telling the truth about who you are! If you want to change the energy of your relationships in the world, this book is for you!”


Start making the change in your life.


Buy The Circle of One: How to Heal Your Relationships and Live Your Truth

Available in paperback or as an EBook.


The Circle of One Paperback The Circle of One Ebook
Circle of One Paperback Circle of One Ebook
£6.99 incl P&P £2.99

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